Interior Design

CGA+ID, Interior Design + IDentity, encompasses specialty services provided by Corner Greer & Associates focused on how businesses communicate their purpose and mission through interior design and identity. Through a collaborative process, our specialized team creates functional interior spaces that incorporate branding and identity. 

Your business environment - physical + digital - MATTERS. It is your visual identity - where you present your brand to the world. 
We design it to reflect who you are to the people you serve.

Interior Design

Interior Design is a multifaceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a functional and aesthetic interior environment. Professionally designed interiors improve quality of life and return on investment for their occupants. 

Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive Reuse is a sustainable practice that reinvents existing space and transforms its purpose and functionality to better meet the needs and align with the vision of the business that occupies it. A successful reuse preserves existing structure while revealing the quality and attributes of your brand. 

Branded Environments

Branded Environments are a physical extension of the interior and exterior environment that supports the brand identity of the organization. They entice visitor engagement, deliver a higher perceived value to the customer and contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. That improved positioning leads to increased customer loyalty and sales. 

Identity Development

Identity Development is the process of analyzing the client’s goals, market placement, and culture to define its distinct personality and value. A brand's identity is the visual expression that is communicated to the outside world, and includes its name, logo, communications, and visual appearance. When we package rebranding or brand development services along with the design of their physical space, clients recieve a holistic approach that provides consistency to their customers and improved brand awareness.