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Corner Greer & Associates is a full-service architectural design firm offering over 30 years of professional experience.

Innovative Designs

Corner Greer & Associates was founded on the basic principles of building relationships based on fairness and trust; maintaining a code of ethics and integrity set forth by the architectural profession; a commitment to excellence in design, construction documentation and client service; exceeding client expectations.

Exceptional Client Service

Our services include comprehensive architectural and engineering services as well as facilities consulting to master plan development. Together, with our team of experienced consultants, we are capable of providing our clients with a successful project.

Quality Project Delivery

Over the past years, our firm has had the opportunity to provide design for many different disciplines in the field of architecture. A sampling of our experience includes: historic renovation, healthcare, commercial and industrial, state and local government, hospitality, retail, scientific, educational, and worship facilities.

Corner Greer & Associates Abilities

Commitment to Teamwork

We have found that true teamwork produces efficiency and functionality. By creating harmony within a winning team by encouraging strong cooperation among all parties involved in a project, we are able to combine form and function, the aesthetic and essential, the interesting and the effective, to build a successful project.

State of the Art Equipment and Software

Corner Greer & Associates maintains staff at our offices in Missouri and Oklahoma. Our state of the art equipment and software enables us to balance our workload and produce construction documents quickly and efficiently. As our client, you will not have to wait to get your project started. All projects have regularly scheduled meetings in which all members of the team are updated, design/production is reviewed and status reports are given. This system is designed to ensure that all commitments are met on a timely basis and that the Client is kept up to date with the job progress.

Manage The Total Project

One of the most important factors in our success has been the ability to manage the total project: from concept to planning, design to construction, and coordination for projects of all sizes and type, Corner Greer & Associates has a successful history of delivering these projects on time and within budget. We know that our continued success depends upon client satisfaction.